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Spay & Neuter Clinic FAQs

How do I book an appointment?

We are currently booking all Spay or Neuter appointments online. Appointments can be requested by going to the booking link on the Spay and Neuter page. If the appointment request does not go through, it unfortunately means that the appointments are fully booked. You will receive an email if your request goes through.

We will be opening new appointments every Monday at 5pm. We are booking one week at a time, one month in advance (For example, on Monday February 1st at 5pm we will be opening the week of March 1st for booking online).

Is there a waitlist?

We are not taking a waitlist at this time. Due to the high demand of Spay and Neuter services, it would be very difficult for us to manage a waitlist. If you are desperately needing to get in for an appointment, we recommend logging on right at 5pm each Monday until you are able to acquire one.

What is the cost of your clinic?

Prices will depend on the size and breed of your animal as well as the additional services you would like added at the time of surgery. All updated pricing can be found on our Spay and Neuter page.

How far ahead are you booking? Can I save my spot for further down the line?

We are only booking for one month in advance. If you are looking to book your animal in several months in advance, that is unfortunately not something we can help with at this time. If, for example, you have just gotten a puppy and wish to get the puppy fixed at 6 months of age, you would need to log on to request an appointment online when the puppy is 5 months old (1 month before the desired date). Please keep in mind that you may not get an appointment on the first attempt.

My animal does not need to be fixed. Can I still book them in for vaccinations?

No. We unfortunately do not have the capacity to offer vaccine appointments. We can only administer vaccines during the time of the Spay or Neuter surgery. This also means that if your animal receives a vaccine here during their surgery and is in need of a Booster vaccine, this will need to be discussed with your regular Veterinarian.

When is drop-off/pickup for the clinic?

Dropoff for cats: 7:45AM-8:30AM

Dropoff for dogs: 8:30AM-9:00AM

Pickup for all animals: 4PM-5PM

Do you have any restrictions in terms of animals that can be fixed at your Clinic?

Yes. To be fixed at our clinic, the animal must be between 2lb-100lbs and must not have any underlying health conditions. Animals with heart conditions or other health concerns should be fixed at a regular Vet where they are able to be monitored more closely with equipment that we do not have at our clinic here. This is in the best interest of the animal. Animals under 2lbs are not yet big enough for surgery, and we unfortunately do not have the staff and resources to handle animals over 100lbs. Animals that are severely overweight or that have a serious health concern may be declined from surgery.

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